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Oratech Solutions ePos  Oratech Solutions – ePos

Oratech ePos interface is intuitive and easy to use. As well as taking sales, the screen allows you to search for customers and items. All activities are recorded and can be traced back to a particular user logon and different responsibility settings ensure a secure and consistent selling process.

    Accepting Payment
  • Accepting payment is simple with easy payment and split payment options. The Oratech FrontOffice connects to the cash register and receipt printer and can be used as a touch screen, with the on screen or regular keyboard.

  • Layaway
  • The Layaway facility allows you to come back to a sale at a later time without the need to re enter the items.

  • Finding an item / Price check
  • By scanning barcodes or using the keyboard to enter item numbers manually, items can be found and prices checked immediately.

  • Quick Codes
  • To facilitate the selling of popular items quick codes can be set up.

  • Control
  • Oratech has credit limits and customer alerts
  • A Manager sign on button permits transactions to be authorized only by staff with the right permissions. Price Overs, line discounts and header discounts can only be given by those who are authorized to do so.

    Trolley/Batch Count
  • There is a trolley / batch count to make it easier to complete large orders.

  • Access to More Functionality

  • The Back Office button allows you to easily logon to the back office to complete more sophisticated tasks like customer set up etc.

  • Clock In/Clock Out

  • The clock in / clock out facility keeps a record of your staff’s activity. It holds them accountable for the transactions completed under their logon and should ensure that they use the system responsibly.
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