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Warehouse Management Software  Oratech Solutions – Advance Pricing

Oratech’s Advanced Pricing provides you with the versatility that allows you to change your pricing when and how you want to. For example you can set your prices according to customer, volume or website. Setting up discounts, special offers or contract pricing is simple with Oratech and bulk updates mean that you can update your prices quickly.

Advanced Pricing includes:

Price Break Volume (Discount)
  • Give your customers the incentive to buy more by setting up Price Breaks when they buy more of an item.
      Supplier Price List
  • Have supplier prices available on your system so that you can compare prices and know who is providing you with the best deals.
Price Break by Case Qty, Inner Qty, Pallet Qty , Min Qty, Max Qty or User Defined Qty
  • Price breaks can be set up by the method you choose.
      Location Mark up/down
  • Change a price of the item according to where it is located.
Special Offer
  • Set up ‘buy one get one free’ or reduce the price of an item for a certain period. No need to go back and change once the offer period has expired.
      Pricing on Markup / Margin
  • Calculate your selling price according to specific markups or margins that you set.
Contract Pricing
  • Set up contracts with your customers so that when they reach an agreed level they are moved onto a different price.
      Bulk update Cost Price
  • If your cost prices are increased make the changes across the system with one bulk update
Customer Price List
  • Special prices for special customers. Define prices lists which are customer specific.
      Bulk update Sales Price
  • Change your sales prices all in one go without having to enter each item separately.
Customer Mark up/down
  • Apply a percentage markup / down according to customer.
      Price Template
  • Calculate selling prices automatically from cost price.
Unlimited Prices By Item
  • You can have as many prices for each item on the system
      Markup Template
  • Set up Markup template by Supplier/Manufacture