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Oratech Solutions Mobile    Oratech Solutions – Mobile

Using a Mobile device allows you to complete tasks like stock count or movements on the spot and in real time. Oratech's vesatile mobile functionality enables you to record movements, requisitions, make enquiries, update the inventory and perform sales orders tasks.

Import / export functions save you timsell your items anywhere on the web.

Mobile Movements
  • Record movements of items from one sub location to another
  • Record item movements from external locations
  • Record Goods Received.
  • Update Sub Loc Min / Max
  • Add Item to Batch
  • Set Primary Sales

The real time functionality ensures that your stock on the system
immediately and allows you to sell without delay.

Mobile Requisitions
  • Fulfill Requisitions
  • Receive Requisitions

Mobile requisitions simplify your stock movements, for example, inter-company unites or inter-warehouse.

Knowing how much stock you have at any given time is important and with Mobile Inventory it couldn't be simpler.

Mobile Sales
  • Sales Order Pick List -Provides the picker with a pick list in order of item location. Makes the picking more efficient and less time consuming.
  • Sales Order Delivery -provides the person responsible for delivery ability to check that the right items have been picked and confirms delivery to the system ready for invoicing.
Mobile Enquiry
  • Locate Items
  • Price checks
  • Items in sub location
  • Sales Order Query
  • Find a Sales Order

Easy look up of items on the mobile device allows you do make enquiries in the warehouse without having to return to the back office. Price checks are simple and quick.

  • Stock Adjustment
  • Item Count
  • Initial Stock Take

Further functionality can be developed with Oratech Mobile to suit your requirements.
Oratech is not device dependent and can be used on most mobile devices.